About Us

In March of 2020, Erika Cole decided to market a butter sauce that she was eating on her YouTube channel (eat eat with e) while she was doing her Mukbang videos. Her audience often asked her to sell the sauce so they could try it. Initially, this sauce was produced in a small batch to give viewers a chance to taste it. But it quickly became a popular market for seafood lovers and foodies in general. The popularity of E's Special Sauce grew quickly after Mukbang Influencers tried the sauce and introduced the sauce jars to their audiences. Since the demand for E's Special Sauce was extraordinary, she decided to expand the brand. A native of Pittsburgh, Erika was the daughter of a culinary arts specialist; she was known for creating versatile meals, and she knew her way around the kitchen very well! Erika caught on quickly to unique flavors and developed a clever palate. In addition to its use for seafood, E's Special Sauce and Seasonings are excellent on a variety of other dishes as well. 
 From May 2022, E's Special Sauce will be packaged in seasoning mix packets; simply add water and butter to make sauce. We designed the seasoning mixes with all customers in mind, giving them the option of adding butter of their choice.
Since E's Special Sauce and Seasonings were introduced over two years ago, they've become a staple flavor addition for many meals. As a company, E's Special Sauce will continue to deliver delicious flavors and time-saving products for great meal experiences.