E’s Special Sauce Seafood Butter *SPICY*

E’s Special Sauce Seafood Butter *SPICY*

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E’s Special Sauce Seafood Butter 16 oz 

Treat your self to this delicious compliment to your seafood and seafood boils! E’s Special Sauce is a blend of not too sweet But this one is SPICY! Try with 90’s Flavor Seafood Seasoning

Great on Seafood, Chicken, and Steak.

Ingredients: butter, water, red pepper flakes, old bay, onion powder, garlic powder, chili powder, parlsey flakes, paprika, creole seasoning, Italian seasoning, sweet chili sauce, balsamic vinaigrette, corn starch, sugar, garlic, banana pepper rings,
onions, cayenne pepper 

Serving Size: about 7 (1/4 cup)

Calories:  190

Sodium: 450mg 

Total Sugars: 5g